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Well, sometimes you just have to make a change.  I do get bored with things rather quickly, and thus I always felt blessed that I had a job that was never the same from day to day.  In Law Enforcement and Natural Resource Management this was the case.  Never were any two days the same.  Some were really exciting and others just days, but never were any two the same.  That kept me going.  And going…  for over 30 years, actually.  And yes, some day I would like to write a book.  But for now, I felt last August that I had actually found a job that warranted some serious consideration and could rival the one I was in at the time.  And, since I really felt like the ‘old man on the mountain’ with my peers… most of whom were so young and naive that I marveled… wondering if I could have ever been that way.   No, I know I was never that young and naïve.  Ever. And add to that the fact that I knew fewer and fewer faces and names within the Department.  Meetings were becoming guessing game for me: “Who is that?  Where do they work?”

So, I finally found something that I thought could be a viable alternative.  It came in the form of a phone call.  Seems a fellow officer had given my name to a gentleman who is managing a group of ranches for a poor guy in Texas who owns several such ranches, and who was looking for a manager for one of them.  Well, I visited the place several times, and turned down the offer twice.  The third time I caved, and told him I would take it..

So with that I am now the manager of the Cielo Vista Ranch in the San Luis Valley.  No doubt some of you might be familiar with the place, formerly called the Taylor Ranch, and its infamous place in Colorado legal history.  Suffice to say that this 82,000 acre ranch is perhaps the most controversial piece of property in the US, or at least in the top 5.  It sits in the Colorado case law records as the place where landowner rights first died. The courts (state, appellate and supreme courts) have told the owners that they must grant unlimited access and gate keys to a group residents of Costilla County, for the purpose of gathering wood, and to graze their cattle.  Free gratis. And that has caused no end to the chaos and law enforcement problems, as well as the social turmoil in the area. The previous manager had his house burned down, and two previous managers were shot, one fatally.   To say that it has an interesting past would be a grand understatement.  So, in I step….like a sheep being led to the slaughter.  Dumb….  In the words of my friend Larry Mahan..”Buck…just how many headaches do you want in your life?”

But, I can only assume that God is leading me, as I have prayed for a long time, to a place where I might be able to do something that would glorify Him.  We shall see….  If not, I will have been severely disappointed.  But for now, I and my dog and horses, are planted on this 125 square mile ranch near San Luis, Colorado –  for what?  I can’t answer that right now, and not much that I have found humorous, has happened here.  But I will be adding to this blog in the very near future with more interesting observations and adventures. In the mean time,  let’s all try and remember Proverbs 3:56  –  ‘trust in the Lord with  all your heart. Lean not on our own understanding.  In all our ways acknowledge Him, and he will direct your paths.”   One translation puts the last line this way: “In all your way acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.“    An encouraging promise.

So, until next time, remember the words of Helen Keller:  “Life is an great adventure or it is nothing.”  She also said: “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”

Quite amazing… she is one of my heroes.. or heroines.

One More From Her:  ”

“Is there anything worse then being blind?  Yes!

The most pathetic person in the whole world is

someone who has sight but has no vision.” 

~ Helen Keller

Some Culture, and a Thanks To Rodie

I thought I would share a poem I wrote about my dog, Rodie, who I had to put down last  November.  After 17 years with me day and night 24/7. slept and ate and rode with me every day. You never left my side except when I was on the motorcycle. Even for the few times I rode an ATV, you was there on the tank. Finally old age caught up with you….  Funny, I never noticed that the trigger weight on the Glock was 200 lbs before…

But, I do have this, and a few photos, and a lot of memories. Thanks, Rodie! you were a living example of God’s faithfulness to and love for, us!

Don’t Pet The Dog

He sits on the truck cute and cuddly.
From soft eyes his innocence drips.
His tail that’s a stump wags invitingly,
But don’t be fooled, that ain’t a smile on his lips.

Don’t pet the Dog
You’ll pull back a stump if you do.
Don’t think you’re his buddy,
It ain’t a bit funny,
You’re forewarned, Don’t threaten to sue.

He rolls over, and shows you his belly,
And he’ll bait you with those baby brown eyes,
He’ll whine and he’ll purr like a kitty,
But the stories you heard ain’t all lies.

‘Cause the pickup’s his pride and possession
Don’t think that it’s state property,
Be sure that he’s marked and he’s claimed it his own
It’s his castle, his sanctuary.

Don’t pet the dog.
You’ll pull back a stump if you do.
Don’t think you’re his buddy,
It ain’t a bit funny,
You’re forewarned don’t threaten to sue.

So just go on about your own business,
And pretend that he doesn’t exist.
Don’t act like a threat, an outlaw or worse
It’s a temptation you surely can’t risk
“The road is long, with many a winding turn”