The View From between His Ears

HOWDY, and welcome to this site.  Well, I’ve been encouraged by my best friend, to begin to write a BLOG.  Truth is, I’m not exactly sure what a BLOG is, but it sound like something I would not want to step into, on my way to a nice dinner at a friend’s place.  Actually, I think I’ve had a horse step in one once…he’s still a bit shy of those things.  But, if I can find enough time to sit down and write, I would like to share some of my experiences serving as a Wildlife Officer (Game Warden) in the Colorado Rockies.    I would like to write about some of my horse experiences….not because I’m such a great horseman. I’m not. In fact I know a few men and one exceptional woman, who are much better horsemen than I will ever be.  But I have learned, in my 25 years of breaking colts and training horses, that every time you stick a boot in the stirrup, you learn something.  Or you should. Because I guarantee you that the horse does learn something.  Each and every time.  And, riding in the Rockies is an experience in itself.  Breaking and training horses, packing and working the back country, is about the greatest life that a person can experience, and I am blessed beyond measure in what the Lord has allowed me to experience.  And since I have, for a brief, fleeting and terrifying time, been shackled to a desk, in the pretext of earning a ‘living’, I empathize with those who find themselves in that lot, and dream of a different life….outdoors and wild.  So, with those kindred brothers and sisters in mind, I would like to share some of my experiences.  I will not use my own name, or the names of those who are referred to here, to protect the innocent.  However, please know that everything I write about here is true and accurate to the best of my ability and recollection.   Remember, being a cowboy is a matter of attitude, not surroundings.

These short vignettes will not be restricted to horses, nor horse related events, but I would like to recount many events that have happened in the past few years, mostly associated with my tenure as a law enforcement officer in the back country and wilderness of the Colorado Rockies. Please be patient as I learn about this BLOG stuff….and if you want to comment or add to, or criticize please feel free. If you visit here, drop a note and say “HI”.

Perhaps the most valuable contribution I can make to your lives is not my stories, but the quotes and comments that I have collected, and love, from others.

And, remember:  whatever else happens, don’t sweat the petty stuff….and don’t pet the sweaty stuff…And, things will turn out just fine.

Remember…  Buck Snort Said So!


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